Monday, October 08, 2007

Why Mr Kent??????????? :(


Aku sedih.......Mr Kent mati :(

The date that will live in Smallville infamy, January 26 will be forever the date that Jonathan Kent passed away on the episode, The Reckoning.John Schneider apparently knew it was coming for quite a while. In an interview with Zap2it he said he was grateful for the advance notice the "Smallville" producers gave him, as it allowed him to field projects for next season through his production company, Johnenelly. But it also meant he had to keep Jonathan's death secret from the rest of the cast, who didn't find out about it until shortly before Reckoning began filming.

Even he was fooled into thinking Lana would be the one to die before he finished reading the entire script, thinking he might not die after all.

In an interview with SCI-FI Wire Schneider said that he was sorry to leave the show behind, but that he used those emotions in his final scenes with Welling. "It was very sad, which helped," Schneider said. "It really, really helped. The last scene I shot was pulling Clark out of the car when Lana had passed. ... I worked until 3:30 in the morning and it was probably 18 degrees. It was cold out there. But the last thing I did was that with Tom, which I think is very appropriate. The very last thing Jonathan Kent does in the show is tell him it's not his fault. So he's trying to protect him. The very last thing John Schneider did was pull Clark out of the vision of seeing Lana dead."Schneider also said he had hoped his character wouldn't die until later on in the season like episode 23 or so.

John takes his character's demise in stride saying, that he understands the need for his character to die in order for Clark to move forward toward his destiny as Superman. "It happens for great reasons," he said. "He's trying to live up to his father's expectations, or trying to fill the gap that was left, fill the void that was left by the death. The passing of Jonathan Kent in Clark Kent's life is, I think, what causes him to become Superman. Not just somebody with super powers. ... To me it was like John Wayne in The Cowboys, an empowering death, which is so important. Because if Jonathan Kent had just died, that would have been terrible. It would have been meaningless.

Who is Jonathan going to miss most? He says none other than Smallville's star Tom Welling. "We have a really remarkable relationship with regard to the father-son thing," Schneider says. "We're peers in many respects, but when you really get down to it, the relationship you see on 'Smallville' is very much like the relationship we have."Have any tributes to Jonathan Kent send them to

Find out these images below of the Fortress of Solitude and Jonathan were indeed meant to be in the 100th episode, but Al Gough just felt it was too much. He told, " It was something that sounded great on paper, but ultimately it seemed a little awkward and a little morbid."



Yatie said...

tak mengikuti sgt crite smalville nieh .. apa2 pun aku nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kat ko sekeluarga .. Maaf kalau ada salah and silap sepanjang perkenalan kita di alam maya nieh ye .. semoga ceria2 selalu di hari raya nanti ok:)

Alinlai said...

ke ke ke...sama la juga, mohon maaf zahir batin 0 - 0 ye :) kalau nak mai KK hints le...bleh pi jumpa hang dan suami ...Selamat Berhari Raya di perantauan....

Anonymous said...

oh tak balik raya ke BM ka, kak ten baru dok plan nak buat jejak kasih. hm tak pa la kut kita jumpa tahun depan ka, raya haji ka, xmas ka, halloween ka kah kah kah


Alinlai said...

kak ten,

ehhh boleh sangat raya haji ni :) chek balik insyaAllah...holloween tu tak tau la sebab tak tau nak cari kostum hantu kat mana ke ke ke... ok selamat raya sakan dan berjalan2 sakan :)

Amber said...

Well written article.