Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Blue color is on the way :)


Alhamdulillah, on the last routine check up we saw the gender of the latest edition... it's a boy. InsyaAllah... a boy coz' even me can see the little 'bird' before the doctor wanna explain 'what is this' and 'what is that'... the most important thing is, 'boboy' looked healthy and strong... ok, now no bum bum or bon bon... to make it easy... just call him 'boboy' ... bambam, bimbim and boboy ;) Next April '11 we're Hi 5 kwang3...

So far the girls are OK with the pregnancy... sometimes they will stare at my tummy, touching it, with a strange expression... maybe they are little bit curious why mama's tummy getting bigger :) Actully this time my tummy is not that big, I still can wear jeans, normal t shirt but I manage to find maternity slacks or suitable slacks as requested by abang bulat... hahaha. Yes, I also 'rembat' one nice maternity blouse from RMC before enter the doctor's room. White dress with small pink roses... also will transform as a summer blouse after I alter it :P

Next week we will leave KK for a while... [until 2012], me and the girls will stay at TM for 1 month, and abang bulat will come back to finish his data collection. InsyaAllah we will be just fine with the plan. Kak Chik said she is willing to help me at TM, hahaha... hopefully this time she can handle the girls ;)

Ok... gotta go. Tata...