Thursday, June 02, 2011



I just love the latest Picasa program... the photos that we edited will come out nicer. Here are few collages that I did last few days. Luckily all the As are photogenic :) just like me [hahaha...]

This photo taken at Premier Inn, London... now you can see the differences between kakak and adik... the hair especially... adik got more hairs ;) hmmmmm only that? kwang3... go figure!

This one snapped at the Ayr Station Hotel... both of them love playing with the telephone. I cannot imagine if we have the landline phone...perghhh so better not.

This is the latest addition of the A... beautiful baby boy as mentioned by the GP, midwives and the doctors. Yes indeed he is beautiful...he got a sweet smile :)

Ok that's all... tata


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Nine said...

Photogenic ye..bkn Photogediks..

oppss...sorry k.lyn :p

Alinlai said...

hahaha... boleh je mana2 pun kecik2 lagi OK jer ;)

Kak Long said...

How's lucky you are, Alhamdulillah. Cute twin

Hermawan said...

luchu luchu tuh anak nya.